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Thread: Late to the party - Defiance

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    Default Late to the party - Defiance

    Yep yep I know its old hat now but im just checking is Defiance any good or?
    Its currently -50% on steam & ive always been semi interested in it but was looking for some first hand knowledge before i open the wallet..

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    In some ways, I'd say it's like a Borderlands MMO. There's not quite as much variety of weapons, and it's third-person rather than first-person, but it has Diablo-style loot, shooting elements, and each player has a single active power and an array of passive effects (some of which modify the active power).

    IMO, it's a good game, but it does have flaws.

    One warning: the game has a narrow FoV for a PC third-person shooter, and that "fish-eye" perspective can cause headaches. I like the game, but I had to stop playing it for that reason. It's not a problem on consoles, though, because you sit further away from the screen when playing a console than you do on a PC. (If you're not sure what FoV is, take a look at this thread on the Defiance forums.)

    As far as I know, Trion has never posted about the issue, which means it may not be fixed, possibly because it's too entrenched in the engine to change without a ton of work. But, again, for some people it may not be a problem. I recommend trying out the free trial and seeing what you think.

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    Competent and OK are my opinions on it get a physical Disk so you get nice stuff in Rift is my recomendation

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