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Thread: Amazing World - Free to Play MMO!

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    Default Amazing World - Free to Play MMO!

    Have any of you heard or played "Amazing World"? I recently tried it out and it is such a fun game to play with my little nephew. It is a free to play MMO from the same company that made Webkinz.

    You play as a cute character called a Zing. The quests are fun, such as dressing up my Zing character, buying consumables and, of course, fishing!

    It is hard to find a fun, yet safe, game for kids to play these days, but I feel like this game encompasses that void.

    You can try here: http://www.amazingworld.com

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    I had a rather rough 20 minutes on the toilet earlier after eating an enormous amount of meat.

    I'd much rather endure that again than play that game.

    Nice try Amazing World marketing team.
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    Wealp, I'm sold. The RIFT-killer has arisen. Pack it up folks, its time to prepare for our new overlord.
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    Club Penguin is enough for me.
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    Just so you guys know Amazing World is a super hardcore game that only the most elite MMO players even dare to tackle. Dont even bother looking at it if your a dirty casual scumbag. Git Gud.

    Remember when Voodoo broke up because of Laethys thats not true it was actually this game that did it.
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