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Thread: Valve has put their Direct3d to OpenGL layer on Github

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    Default Valve has put their Direct3d to OpenGL layer on Github


    This is the layer that games can use to translate D3D calls to OpenGL easily and efficiently. Moreover, its designed around D3D 9.0, which rift uses. If the rift devs were to implement this code, playing this game cross-platform would be a lot easier, as layers like Wine would not have to do the legwork of attempting to translate D3D to OpenGL, which what causes the greater majority of the GPU lag and artifacts. As a long time Linux user, I would personally love to see this implemented in Rift.

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    Valve did that in a bid to get (more) people to develop for their SteamOS. Whose success quite frankly remains to be seen. I doubt Trion will want to invest the manhours needed for a Linux/Mac version of Rift at this point in time.

    No harm in asking though.
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