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Thread: ESO & Multi Game Community

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    Default ESO & Multi Game Community

    Hey guys. IF anyone is looking forward to ESO, playing the beta weekends, or just waiting for launch and want to get in with a pvp focused, highly organized guild and community, give Mostly Harmless a look.


    Always looking for highly competitive players to join the ranks.

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    Just wanna give some probs for this guild. Despite being an EU player i joined their AvA on Sunday on Bow of Shadows...wow what a blast.

    i never imagined that, if you organize 24 ppl well, use some strategies and have a good teamplay, the apperent ZERG-situation in teso becomes real warfare and you can even beat alliances that are in the majority...it really dragged me into this game further as i could imagine..

    THX MH for this amazing joyride you gave me even with bad latenzy! I learned so much about AvA and sieges on this day and i cant wait this game to be released!

    -GreatWhiteNinja- he was right after all -
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