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Thread: do you gamble?

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    Default do you gamble?

    Just wondering how many people here gamble real money in real life? And how successful have you been in your win rate?

    I ask because yesterday I won 2052.96 at bingo with my friend (we go every fortnight, its our thing) last week I bought a 2 scratch card and won 100 and pretty much every week won 30-50 on a few 5 scratch cards. I don't have a gambling problem, I don't repeatedly spend all my money on gambling and I know when to stop. I was just wondering whether anyone else has been as Lucky as me?

    Got myself a new desktop with my bing winnings and I'm chuffed
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    I use to have around 30 online accounts with various bookies. Spent some time taking advantage of arbitrage pricing between them. Made a tidy profit doing this in any sport that had a 2 or 3 way outcome such as football and tennis. if you did the math right and was fast at placing the stakes it is virtually risk free.

    Higher risk I like to spread bet on financial markets. I tend to follow things like oil, gold, US indices, commodities and currency exchange rates. I enjoy studying the price charts doing whats know as technical analysis. I usally risk around 150 per position and hope to profit by 3 times that if I 'win'.

    Once got 5 numbers on UK lottery, but was a syndicate so only got a few hundred. At present I don't buy lottery anything.

    Grats on the bingo win.
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    I've been doing a little gambling but on something a bit more predictable. I've been using the stock market. I have always had a little bit of money in the market and I started with a small account of 4k and already grown it by 15% in the last month with the skills I've learned at Jason Bond Picks. I started knowing only some very basic information about the market and Jason started with some videos and lessons designed to help me make sense of the market.

    For those who already know how the market works there is the Jason Bond Picks chat room with over 700 people who are actively day trading to give you ideas and market spread to find the stocks that are moving. The main day trade stock moderator is Luke. He is absolutely amazing. He made 361% on some SPY puts yesterday and over 100% on ZNGA calls today. He is absolutely the best day trader I've ever seen.

    Jason Bond was a school teacher so if your learning he really knows how to present his material. You can have success too. Come give it a try and I know you won't be disappointed. I'll see you in the chat room!

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