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Thread: Imgur ?

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    Default Imgur ?

    Hey hey. I keep trying to make an avatar to work on my rift forums, but for the life of me, the direct links in Imgur (even when resized to fit) keep saying *Invalid URL*.

    Any help would be great. Thankyou

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    Besides asking you to check again if:
    • You are using the direct link to the actual image, not a page on imgur with the image on it.
    • It is max 150x150 px and max 50KB size.
    • The Link is 100% correct - i.e., not "http://http://blabhalbhalbha.jpg" or something like "https://blahblah.jpg" or "http://blahblah.html" or "http://blahblah.php"

    You could bypass imgur entirely and simply choose the "Option 2 - Upload Image From Your Computer".
    If the avatar you want isn't on your computer; just right-click the IMGUR image and Save As... to a folder you can remember. Then upload it directly.
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