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Thread: Harmonia's signature is better than both Spocks over for dinner

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    Default Harmonia's signature is better than both Spocks over for dinner

    Harmonia's signature is A+ the best signature on any forums for what it says. If you familiar with Trek then you know the original thing Kirk is holding were Trebbles. The were cute and adorable and nothing could be wrong with them! Except they multiplied at a megahigh rate putting ship at risk. So Harmonia is saying dont be like the Trek crew and see lockboxes the same way. Donk risk yourself getting sucked into RNG loot. Set a limit for yourself (Ie I will buy 5 and then I am done with this lockbox) and stick to it or your lockboxes will multiply at a megahigh rate as well putting your finances in jeopardy. Such a fine signature. Love it!

    Am hoping Harmonia will post in this soon so you can see what I mean.

    Cheers - The Smurf Conglomerate

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    Aye it is a good one.

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    I gotta admit, I still giggle at my sig.

    Quote Originally Posted by Majorin View Post
    Get your tissues and self-confidence books ebabies. The crying has just begun.

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