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Thread: Cupcakey is REALLY in to Ponies.

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    Default Cupcakey is REALLY in to Ponies.

    I mean like she is crazy about ponies. She has watched every episode since it came out. On her stream she constantly plays My Little Pony songs and has a desktop wallpaper of a naked pony... I mean cmon at least have some clothes on it. She constantly dresses her character up to resemble applejack and makes her boytoy dress up like Spike who looks a lot like Barnie. In the end though we will not let her pony fandom take her down. She is the best Rift streamer despite her pony fandom reaching unhealthy limits.

    In the end she knows that, Friendship is magic!
    We love you!

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    This Fandom is Contagious ! YEAH! http://tinyurl.com/l2r3tt5

    Cupcakey is REALLY in to Ponies.-2013-11-23_081214.jpg

    My toon ingame.... hehe
    FLUTTERBAT IS AWESOME http://tinyurl.com/m62aap9 THIS FANDOM IS CATCHY! < awesome pmv of 2013 http://tinyurl.com/ko5rb9k < another awesome Catch up on the fandom! http://tinyurl.com/bukqn5j <fanmade Trailer!
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