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Thread: Funny ressemblances

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    Default Funny ressemblances

    I was checking some of the Meridian concept arts. and the it appeared to me.
    back in early 2000, I was playing Quake 3 (as alot other people at the time) and I really liked one of the maps (Q3DM7).
    the room where the Quad Damage was located at, with the railgun, the jump pad and the lava, looks like this concept art:


    For those who haven't played, I haven't found any screenshot from the room I'm thinking of in the right angle. And I don't seems to have my CD anymore, nor the installed game on my computer. If anyone could take a screen from the room, about the same angle.

    here is a bird view of the map. the X is where the screen should be taken I think.

    Finally decided to 'search' for Quake 3. here's the screenshot I wanted to share:

    Also asked some friends if I was hallucinating and apparently not.

    This is a side by side of Quake 3 of the left and concept art on the right. HEAVY file (3600 x 1080) about 6.51MB.
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