Howdy folks, I'm another game researcher completely unrelated to the other post in this forum from earlier today and I hope I don't steal his thunder

Iím a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Education at York University working on a dissertation about engagement and disengagement in MMOGs. While academics have done a great job of studying the variety of reasons that people play games, to date we havenít spent much time learning about the experiences of players who used to play (but have since quit), or learning about why some folks never start playing particular games in the first place.

Iím looking for participants to complete an online survey to learn more about how EVE Online is viewed by current, former, and non-players. Iím here recruiting in a Rift forum because my research to date has shown that it is a game that many people test out, but very few become long-term players. Iíd like to learn more about what you know about EVE and why you do not play (or if you tried it, why you did or did not stay).

The survey is open to all, so feel free to share with your non-MMOG playing friends and/or family members. So far it is taking folks about 15 minutes to complete but it could be longer if you want to elaborate about your thoughts and experiences in the open-ended questions. The only limits to participation are that you need to be 18+ and comfortable expressing yourself in English. Everyone who completes the survey has the chance to enter to win a $100 electronic gift certificate to amazon .com or your local version of amazon (.ca,, etc) -- your choice.

The survey is online here:

Once you complete the survey you can opt in to an optional interview over Skype or instant messenger. If you are selected for an interview, I will compensate you for your time with a month of game time for your MMOG of choice or an Amazon gift certificate.

Any questions about my research that you donít want to post here on the forums can be directed to the email address Iíve created specifically for managing this survey: eveonlinestudy at gmail dot com. This research has been approved by the York University ethics review board, information about how I plan to keep your data safe is found in the informed consent document youíll see before you start the survey. The survey does contain some optional demographic questions, but this wonít be used to identify you offline.

Thank you for your time and again, any questions you have about this research (or game studies more broadly) I am very happy to answer here on the forums or via email.