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Thread: Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

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    Default Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

    So, got the urge to check it out, I know its way early and it isn't coming out till sometime in 2015 but if they pull off what they are saying... holy crap.

    Lead designer is talking about so big things, huge open world battlefields, I think they said up to 1000 players.

    Skill based combat, with aiming, dodging, blocking. Said to be more like a 3rd person shooter where each target has crit. points like head, back and so on.

    Now, I haven't seen anything, gameplay wise but it is still in alpha stages.

    Thoughts? Read the forums I've linked and tell me what you think. I know I'm interested but since it is so far out, I'm not holding my breath since things can radically change.


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    ". . . and in this regard one of our big inspirations is Space Marine."

    If that means I can pound a grot into paste to heal, YEEEHAAAW!!! I loved it when those guys showed up, it was like a bunch of little health packs with legs swarming out of the gutters and into my heart.

    The "Classes" section makes me think it'll be similar to some of the old WW2 shooters I've played combined with the way WoW handles specs in BGs - Pick the one going in, but once you decide you're stuck with it for the match. Not sure how much I like that. But if what I read in another thread is true and Eldar Warlocks can control Wraithguard, I'm not too sure I'll be switching classes all that much anyway.

    Poking around, I found this thread: http://forum.eternalcrusade.com/thre...-crusade.1959/

    Last updated about a month ago, so reasonably current. F2P, can buy gear but it'll be worse than similar items found in the game. Can buy classes, and in fact the only one for free is da Boyz. I do have concerns with classes for sale, but as long as they're properly balanced and don't do what WAR did and leave monstrously OP classes untouched it should be fine.

    I'll check back on it when it gets closer to launch, so this time next year about. A bit far out to be too excited yet.
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