It been awhile since i played Darkfall, it was okay game, but require alot of timing and grinding. I played DF:UW when first came out, and i have to say, it was the worst turn they ever made, except the graphics. Taken out the skill systems and earning prowess points to buy whatever you want as well improving skills you never use before. Sound kinda dumb to me.

Anyway they manage to post this game (DF:UW) on Steam, so i made a topic there and mention for new players to beware of this new game. Itsnt not like DF at all, after explaining the details between two games and also, mention that if they dont have much time to play then its worth buying and subbing that game.

Forty-five minutes later, i got banned on their forum under Steam lol. Well that made my day, there already alot of players complaining about the game and trust me, its pos game.

Wish they added more realism into DF:UW, like cant swim if you have on heavy armour, cant use bows if you wearing heavy armour around the arms. Was told they were going to improve the game and make it more realistic, guess i have been trolled.

Something compare to that game is Mortal Online, isnt not a bad game, full loot and almost realism as it can get. The game MO still slowly developing at this time.