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Thread: Learning C#: any advice? future of game design/development.

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    Default Learning C#: any advice? future of game design/development.

    I been learning C#, because I have the goal of making my own game.

    I have 1 Ebook from Itunes, and 1 book from amazon.

    Looking for some better cheap (prefer free) ways of learning C# and its tools.

    Maya I have no experience with, and very costly, to try to jump in and learn. Any alternatives for this that are free-cheap?

    Lets Go Rift. Hope Archeage can do something next. Lets Save Rift

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    Can't go wrong with MSDN for learning about the API's and the basics. Some google searches will give you a ton of results if you type in "C# tutorial". Here you'll find some simple tutorials though.


    As far as books i can't recommend the Dietel books enough. They're amazing.

    As far as an alternative to Maya a lot of people on Deviantart.com use a program called Blender that i think is free and open source. I'm more of a web programmer so i'm not all to familiar with the differences though. DA is a great art community and i'm sure if you have questions people there will answer them.

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