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Thread: Would U like Trion to improve Trove graphics to at least WoW level to challenge EQNL?

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    Default Would U like Trion to improve Trove graphics to at least WoW level to challenge EQNL?

    Would you all like Trion to improve Trove graphics to at least WoW level to compete against EQNL?

    They both voxel games, but how about a certain improvement in graphics so that models would be more interesting to look at?

    Doesnt need to be Rift graphics, even though that could be pretty cool, especially with the idea of porting models to Rift!!!

    But maybe WoW's Vanilla level of graphics would be enough to make this game really stand out.

    Can take longer to develop and release, but at least it be in better quality for longer enjoyment.

    whats your opinions on this?

    Lets Go Rift. Hope Archeage can do something next. Lets Save Rift

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    While it would be nice, I don't think it'd be feasible from both a financial and competitive perspective.

    Trion's on the up-and-up right now, and while they loved to take risks in the past by developing three games and publishing another while being carried from the success of a single game, I don't think they want to continue doing that considering that it didn't work terribly well for them. Trove appears to be a low-risk investment that could return a lot of money and it could turn out to be a pretty fun game as well.

    I don't think Trove should be marketed as competition for EQN; I think that should be left to ArcheAge.

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    Ok Tro, you continually make some of the dumbest topics on this forum over and over again. You were not being specific on what you want to see improved graphically, I am just going to cover all the bases.

    The design is voxel based meaning the models are built like isometrically on purpose. This method typically cuts down on the number of polygons necessary to make a model. That is a design choice but it is fundamental to the key building and destroying features that Trove's gameplay will revolve around. Now if you take polygon counts out of the picture (Trove still probably has multiple times more the poly count per model then vanilla WoW or EQ). You are left with ambient effect which are primarily lighting, sky-boxes, particle effects, and cel shaded features. All of which I can assure you are of a high quality. So unless you have anything else to add other then "improve the graphics" quit posting stupid garbage all the time.
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