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Thread: Multiboxing window layout, single monitor, isboxer

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    Default Multiboxing window layout, single monitor, isboxer

    What window layout works well with one monitor? I tried a couple of layouts and had a hard time reading text, even in the main window. It's just a dual box. Is there an option to have one "regular" sized screen (like without boxing software) and the ability to 'swap' between toons? I'm new to this, just started an isboxer trial.

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    When I first started multiboxing about 6 years ago in Dark Age of Camelot, I used one monitor, so I feel your pain.

    Main character- full window, whatever settings you like playing the game at.
    Other characters- split then up into 1/4 of the screen each, absolutely minimum/zero graphics settings (they don't need it).

    If you're using a program like Hotkeynet, you can rename the windows too, which makes alt-tabbing to the specific character you want easy too.
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