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Thread: Archeage - Third Continent (Land of Origin) and Castle Siege.

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    Default Archeage - Third Continent (Land of Origin) and Castle Siege.

    The biggest continent to the north is called the Land of Origin, and it's just like Eve Online's Null-Sec. Players who venture into these lands are free to attack anyone or be attacked by anyone. Guilds can claim land and control the resources there.

    - Two NPC factions at start, 2 starting continents, and 4 races, depending which race you chose you will belong to one of these NPC factions (western or eastern).

    - ****Eventually enough people will get enough Karma and do the Pirate quest to form a 3rd faction called the Pirate faction.

    - Guilds are formed from players of the same faction. Players from other factions can't join your guild.

    - A guild can then buy a land claim territory item from the shop and bring it to The Land of Origin. Once a guild claims the territory a big huge sword comes out of the ground. Once you claim territory your guild will turn into a "Expedition Force"(It's just like a corporation from Eve online). And now as a Force, the leader can set the relationship to other Forces: Friendly, Neutral, Hostile, and that's how its possible to form alliances or mortal enemies.

    Guild claiming their first piece of land, and becoming a "Expedition Force".


    The huge sword is vulnerable during a siege. If the Sword is destroyed during a siege then the Force who destroyed it will claim the territory to that land.

    So Forces build up big walls around the sword to protect it. Most Forces also build towns/cities inside the castle walls as well, making it their home base.

    Guild building their Guild Hall inside the castle walls, that they also built.


    Siege Warfare

    - A guild has to bid (in gold) for the right to attack a castle and it's surrounding lands. If there are 2 or more guilds wanting to attack a certain land, it goes to an auction and the highest bidder gets the right to attack that land.

    - The sieges have timers that open once a week (on Saturday night), and they are open for 2 hours.

    - Once a siege goes live only the attacking and defending guild can participate. A invisible wall goes up around the siege area. Other players can watch, but if your not in the siege, and you enter inside the wall you will be ported to the nearest bind point.

    - The siege starts off as 70 vs 70. The defending guild can hire up to 30 mercenary real players to help with the defence.

    - If the defending guild starts bringing in mercenaries, then after 20 mins into the battle the attacking guild can start brining in reinforcements from real players to help with the offence, up to 30 players. So the battle ends up as 100 vs 100, if enough players participate.

    - If the attacking guild wins they can then lay claim to the land and can destroy anything on their new property to rebuild.

    - If a guild successfully defends their land, they get special coins called "Coins of the Lord". They can use the coins to buy guild perks, and the leader can buy the "Emperor's gear" and a cool Fire horse mount. They also get double the taxes on their lands and resources. (This is put in place to make defending lands an incentive)

    Become an Emperor and rule your Lands !


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    Wow I REALLY like the concept there. I can't wait for this to land in the west so I can try it out.
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