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Thread: 2013 Sandbox Games

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    Default 2013 Sandbox Games

    Someone's Top Ten

    After watching this, I am getting more and more disinterested in Wildstar. In fact, their top three (including Archage) I don't really want to mess with at all. Archage looks too micro-managie.

    However, I did like some things about four of the games on this list.

    #1 Pathfinder Online (looks like they can put the word "dynamic" to real use). It looks like it could be a step up above Neverwinter, which I enjoy playing occasionally.
    #2 Project Theralon (I want a dragon).
    #3 Black Desert
    #4 Greedmonger
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    Star Wars: Galaxies Emu.

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    TUG! The Unnamed Game.

    Their kickstarter was recently funded, though they're still accepting donations for lootz. You really have to watch the vids to get an idea what it's all about, but very basically it looks like a more advanced Minecraft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by corthreat View Post
    Star Wars: Galaxies Emu.
    If not, then The Repopulation.
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