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Thread: 30% off on Defiance for you or your friends

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    Default 30% off on Defiance for you or your friends

    30% off on Defiance for you or your friends

    Hey guys,
    Defiance. It's actually pretty cool, and it's a welcome page that provides you and your friends 30% off on your next purchase of Defiance for PC!


    t's much more fun playing with friends, and you'll get to convince them that they'll be able to save $18 on their next purchase. Now you get to play with your family, neighbors and chicks that you meet along!

    feel free to ask me for ingame add im playing on EU

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    Wasn't dedicated with rift in raptr yet so I thought I missed out on the 30% off deal. So go ahead and add me under your belt. Bought and d/l now. I hear its a crappy game cuz of the story, but I love 3rd person shooters and I know the game will just get better. What do you get for a referral?

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