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Thread: For those interested in defiance!

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    Default For those interested in defiance!


    This might getcha a discount, I'm not totally sure how it works xD

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    You're working on the recruit a friend thing? When they announced It I found a page (which seems to have disappeared) that gave a graphical breakdown of the rewards requirements.

    You just send an email through MY EGO to a friend, they respond through the email and buy the game and login. They must not already have an account. You need to have an account of course and be logged into MY EGO to get credit.

    There were 9 rewards that had requirement such as all 5 friends being logged in at the same time and such. Final reward is if they all invite a friend and they all buy and login.

    That little thing, which anyone who accept an invitation should be able figure out once they get to the Defiance store, there is an asterisk next to the 30%. I just tried to get to the MY EGO and "the service is overloaded" just like the store; was fine when I was looking for info 5 minutes ago...coincidence?

    I guess if it's overloaded then I should get in the "invite a friend" game. If anyone wants an invite shoot me a PM and I'll send you an email.

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