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Thread: Smash Da' Hummies!

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    Default Smash Da' Hummies!

    Oy! I hear you gits like punching other people da' face! Well if you want to smack some lil' gits around come to Warhammer Online and knock some heads together wit us! First 10 levels are free if paying isn't your thing and if you want to get stronger so you can smash more people in da' ugly hummies face then you can sign sub and play all the way to tier 4 and take burn down the stinky hummies' city!

    Come and experience RvR and wage WAR in an open world taking your opponents keeps by bashing down their door with rams or by getting a sneaky witch elf to go in the back door and create chaos! Want to experience non-instanced PvP then come to WAR! You like Guild Wars 2 WvWvW than come check out one of the games that inspired it! Come and join the WAR community and lets bring WAR back to the MMO world!

    I will see ya ugly hummie face on da' battlefield! WAAAGGHHH!

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    Don't become a salesman.
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    you know, i resubbed that game recently - needless to say it was a mistake

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    Even the 40k tabletop is starting to lag behind. I tried to get into it but..

    A) It's ******ely expensive to even get a 1000 point starter army
    B) I like to play a game not stare at a rule book for it
    C) Lists win games D:

    warm-a-hordes for life.

    Also warm-a-hordes has the ultimate video game made after it. Torchlight II.

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    I gave up on anything GW related when I called to complain about the horrible quality of the "Finecast" models I got, and their response was "get two buckets of water, some green stuff, and fix it yourself". If they want to shift the responsibility of ensuring quality molds for their kits onto the customer, screw 'em.
    If you're too old to play with Legos, you still have some growing up to do.

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