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Thread: Does this MMO exist?

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    Default Does this MMO exist?

    First, a preface. This thread isn't about XYZ MMO is "better" than ABC MMO. It isn't about, "why would you want XYZ in a game?" It is about, "is there a game that caters to what I want...."

    Ok, I've played Rift to lvl 19 and have generally enjoyed it. However, it is basically falling in line with many other MMOs that lost my interest (e.g., WoW, Guild Wars 2, Age of Conan, the list goes on), and I suspect things aren't really going to change (of course I'll have new experiences, but everthing I've heard is that leveling and itemization is very linear). Put simply, I'm tired of EZ Mode linear leveling with lack of itemization. I'm an old school hardcore EQ Classic player (Pre Planes of Power Expansion), and frankly, I enjoyed the "toughness" of EQ. Incredibly difficult to level, open, sandbox world, not many instances, epic weapon sets that are extremely difficult to get, and lots to choose from in terms of gear (both type of gear and where to get it). To compare, I got to lvl 19 on rift in about 3 days of casual playing, complete solo. On the free EQ Classic emulators, it took me 3 days to get to lvl 4, and I was two boxing lol.

    No, I don't like self inflicted pain. But in EQ and like minded games, reaching higher levels meant something (to those that cared). I also liked how you could travel the world to find rare items with incredibly difficult quests, and if you had the fortitude to do it, you were one of the "luck few" to have the item. In today's MMOs, everyone does the same quests (with slight variations, i.e., different zone and NPC names), gets the exact same gear (slight variations) and everyone looks the same. I remember walking around in my hard to get gear on EQ in the Bazaar as a lvl cap warrior and people would literally flock to you and say, "daaaaaang...nice gear!". In today's MMOs, its "ho hum..everyone has that."

    So is there an MMO today that closely resembles the "EQ Classic" experience? Robust gear choices (not just doing the same quests everyone else is doing), steep learning curve, open world, difficult end game raids reserved for those who have the fortitude to get adequately geared up, group necessity mechanics, etc. Are there simply not enough players around who like that style (I tend to think there is a demand, as the EQ classic emulators are doing well, and then you have the overseas Korean base that seems to prefer this style of game play and mechanics).

    My only hope right now is Archeage, which is already out in Korea and I'm hopeful it comes out in the end of this year or early 2014. Open, sandbox world, and due to its Korean roots, will probably not be a zergfest to cap level where half the server is at the level cap (if they even have one) in 3 weeks. Anyone have any suggestions on what to check out? Aion came pretty close for the me, but I didn't stick it out (maybe I should have).

    Just wondering if other people have run into the same issue in the over-saturated MMO world. Thanks in advance (and apologize if this topic has been beaten to death)

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    There's always EVE and Mortal Online... but both of those are much harder than classic EQ ever was.

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    There's always EVE and Mortal Online... but both of those are much harder than classic EQ ever was.
    they play nothing like EQ. The answer is no. EQ was a product of its time. Games like EQ and DAOC don't really exist anymore. But if you have never played DAOC. Give it a try. if you absolutely can't abide pvp then roll on Gaheris. Otherwise the the standard server is where the people are. And since its down to one server the game feels rather alive despite its age. There is little in the way of questing, much like EQ its a grind based MMO experience, but as such it tends to drive you towards group play.

    But no modern MMO will have what you are looking for, at least not right now.
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    That sounds like it would be horrible, but good luck finding your game. I'm sure there is one out there somewhere.

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