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Thread: Defiance MMO and its ties to the Defiance show

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    Default Defiance MMO and its ties to the Defiance show

    So, we all pretty know that this season of Defiance won't be impacted by the game at all because, well, that's how it is. They can't write things into the show that happen in the game in season 1 because most of it was probably already filmed and going to editing before the game was anywhere close to being launched or in beta. However, Syfy has renewed Defiance for a second season. What does this mean? This means that the writers will have time to work some magic with Trion and make some entertainment magic babies. What do you guys think they can, or will, include in the show from things that regularly happen in the game? Do you think they will open up things within the game, or run events within the game, that could affect the show? This is Trion's time to fulfill the promise that this marriage of TV and Game would be revolutionary(or something like it).
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    Apparently the PvP champion in the game will be featured in the show. I don't know how that will work namewise. *shivers* those nasty names
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