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Thread: So I was perma-banned from MMORPG.com

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    Default So I was perma-banned from MMORPG.com

    My account, that I have had and blogged with for nearly 8 years has been perma-banned. To say that I am pissed off would be an understatement.

    9 out of 10 of my posts were as nice as could be. But I never stopped myself from speaking my mind about things that should be obvious to most people.

    If you are a member there, be very careful about bringing up the G Dub 2 game in any negative way. The members there do not like to hear raw truth and will report you until you are banned.

    I don't expect anything from posting this. I just wanted to release my frustration somewhere. I only had a few hundred posts spanning 8 years. There are people still posting today that deserve a perma-ban far more than I did, but them's the breaks.

    Peace y'all.

    I'm done now. Maybe I will feel better. =)
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    That makes me feel like giving you hugs.

    It's their loss. A big fat poo to them!

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    No big deal.

    I've been banned from there plenty of times as well as from other forums because, just like you, I also don't hold back. I speak my mind regardless of who doesn't agree or like it.

    But I always do it in a very nice way.

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