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Thread: Aprils Fool!

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    Default Aprils Fool!

    It's quite a giggle around these parts this year

    Have you pulled any on your friends/family? Spotted any good ones from the bigger companies?

    I read today that the Michelin star restaurant Noma has been found guilty in stealing grass and clovers from a nearby football field, food delivery places start bringing out food by horse instead of car, a brewery launched a beer ice-cream, and my local store wants to put bells on their shopping carts to prevent "traffic accidents" in the stores.

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    I like reading the news (yeah... I'm one of those people) but I can't take anything seriously today. Even the serious things I don't know if they are real... for example apparently there's a bomb scare in a local airport... but it might just be an Easter egg :/ I hate this day

    About 8 years ago at college we got a newsletter around this time saying that all students would be required to start wearing a new school uniform. We were outraged! It wasn't actually April 1st on the day... and being the little rebels we were... we were furious. It went on for about a week before we realised that in the article, upside down by a picture, it said "April Fools."

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