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Thread: Thank You Trion

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    Default Thank You Trion

    I'll be the first to admit I haven't always been "oh man great job Trion!", in fact I have gotten myself in trouble more than once for some of my comments on the forums. That being said I believe its right to give credit where its due and oh man, Trion you guys I think have hit a home run with what you have been cooking up.

    Storm Legion (after some much needed tweeks and patches)...terrific

    Defiance (can't say much because of closed beta)...jaw droppingly good

    ArcheAge...this one came out of nowhere and I can't wait to see what you guys do with it, if anyone can do a great job with localization it'll be you

    Kudos to you guys on this. It seems no matter what other MMOs I try the ones that look and play the best are coming out of Trion, and these days that says something major imo.
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    Yea, agree

    Rift is very nice and also Defiance is getting better every day.
    The interrest in Defiance is quite high right now. On the general forum the "today posts" is more then 10 pages long.... that quite a lot of "today posts"

    And NDA is lifted for beta(not for Alpha), so it's allowed to talk about Defiance from beta
    ........... Whatever ..............

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