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Thread: Sandbox mmos

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    Default Sandbox mmos

    Discuss. Good or bad ? Seems sandbox mmos are gonna be future looking at upcoming mmos

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    True sandbox? Bad for me, I need goals set before me, not be dropped in a world with no direction at all.
    Hybrid sandbox on the other hand I think is great.

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    Sandbox has a place in the mmo world, but not a large one, although the term "sandbox" is widely misused since so many people think giant open maps with no loading screens (In which Rift takes the cake anyway) Arche Age is probably going to be the first truly sandbox mmo if what they say is accurate and not just side stuff (like the farming that has been mentioned) The only other mmo i know of that even comes to sandbox playstyle was City of heroes and that's gone.

    It's too early to tell with other MMOs like Teso how their "play how you want" style works or if it really even exists. (Play how you want so long as what you want is what we want you to play)

    I don't sandboxes getting too big, like Nestran said, an end game goal is what makes most people continue playing. I'd be shocked to see an mmo cover pvp, pvp grouping, pvesolo, pvegrouping, crafting, hobby, roleplaying and whatever else comes to mind with equality.

    So, to me.. Bad! All i see coming from the promise of sandbox mmos are disappointed people who hyped up a particular game.

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