I know this may unintentionally violate Elrar's CoC http://forums.riftgame.com/official-...uncements.html, but I was looking at a couple of items and was wondering what other people thought about them. I am in no way trying to promote other games, but understand if the thread is closed.

1) WoW 5.2 "The Thunder King." - Wonder if they're trying to trump the Storm Queen...ya think? But this did have one good premise that I saw. A hardmode Boss that was only available after clearing the raid, and that you had to backtrack to engage.

2) Neverwinter's Foundry. I really like the idea of user made quests and dungeons. Reminds me of the early days of D&D. I'm not sure if it will even be available during the betas. I would still like more dynamic dungeons anyway, so that you're not facing the same set of adds or bosses. You might need to watch for traps or you might just miss out on something by going the wrong way.