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Thread: Warcraft Film has a Director.

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    Default Warcraft Film has a Director.


    Well it looks like it's on, well they have a director. It can only be a good thing for the genre to be honest, it might get millions more into mmo gaming and that should have a filter down to other games.

    Like many I didn't start out playing World of Warcraft, I started in the 90's playing Warcraft, Orcs vr Humans.. "Jobs done". My first mmo was City of Heroes, which came out before WoW, but knew about them as my brother played Ultima before the.

    As I said, I think and hope it might get more into the genre, so Trion should maybe do a publicity push when it's coming out with the old "We're not in Azeroth anymore" punchline.

    What does everyone else think.. will it even reach the screens, what actors do you want in the film, which storyline should they do, or you hope they do etc etc etc
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    Interested in the movie.

    As to 'more into the genre'.... my first reaction was, this isn't always a good thing. Because I think a lot of people who enjoy these types of games are already into them. What it will do is stream a ton of kids into the game. That's good or bad on a case-by-case basis, as each kid is different. But all are immature by nature; it's life development.

    It's needed for the genre, but it changes the genre and the gaming environment in-game. So I can't say whether it will be good or bad. Perhaps MMO need to change and become more adult-oriented?

    Just playing devil's advocate. Nonetheless, we'll see how it works out. I hope the movie is a classic.

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    I think they've missed the boat on a Warcraft movie tbh. Maybe during Wrath of the Lich king or possibly even at the start of Cataclysm. It may depend on the storyline they choose to go with, I guess. I'd prefer that it was an animation similar to the cinematics rather than a live action movie too. ĢI would hope they go with actors that are less well known and not holywood actors just to appeal to the masses.

    Getting more people isn't always a good thing. The more people you get, the more you need to please them all and in the end please no one. Look at the mistakes Blizzard have made with WoW in recent years.

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