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Thread: Young Justice Cancelled

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    Default Young Justice Cancelled


    At some point, CN needs to realize they are screwing up, which is why their ratings are down.
    I can understand since its not a CN original, it may get some a bit mangry especially due to lack of control, but shutting down quality show after quality show for crudely drawn rehashed cartoons or another batman incarnation (I mean enough already, we all love batman but at some point the remakes needs to stop) won't bring the ratings up, it will just stop people from watching.

    I hope DC makes a deal with Viz Media or even Hulu/Netflix or hell Amazon or Apple and continue making YG, despite the stupidly long pauses and schedule change (from what I hear, I subscribed to iTunes on shows I actually like since I rarely watch TV) it was an amazing show and its meta plot was outstanding (considering).

    /mangry rant.

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    First Alphas was cancelled, then THQ went down, now this. I really liked Young Justice, the show had a lot of potential. I don't know why CN would do this, other than a few shows on adult swim, this is the only show of theirs I watch.
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    Get rid of Tim&Eric and bring back YJ. Even if they have to put it in T&E's time-slot.

    edit: Also, BRING BACK FIREFLY
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