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Thread: Rift on a Tablet.. (Razor Edge gaming tablet)

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    Default Rift on a Tablet.. (Razor Edge gaming tablet)


    (Totalbiscuit's video on it)

    This sounds quite interesting, and according to the benchmarks that the video mentions, it sounds like it could run Rift quite well. I'm quite intrigued about this, it'd sound like a decent replacement for my laptop if it drops in price sometime - It's too expensive, and the concerns in the video about the design and weight is.. Well, troubling.

    Would you guys consider this?
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    I am buying one with the i7, 8 gig ram, and Nvidia 640....

    Will get a dock station to to hook it up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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    I had all kinds of issues with laptop overheating, Im pretty sure there would be issues with extended playing times and keeping it cool.

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    No, overpriced + I couldn't play rift on such a small screen (ofc you can plug it to a screen but then it looses the concept of beeing like a small tablet)

    On the other hand I only play games on my gaming desktop at home, I have a laptop and a normal samsung android tablet for work and or non game entertainment.
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    Will Trion add a touchscreen friendly interface to Rift for play on devices of this nature? Without a mouse for a more precise click on the existing buttons I can see all sorts of "quality of life" issues for players like me that have larger fingers and could easily accidently press more than one button at a time using the touchscreen.

    Can't say I'm interested in gaming on such a tiny device but I'm sure that some folks are or else they wouldn't have made it.

    Or would they?
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