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Thread: What should I do? Seeking serious help

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    Default What should I do? Seeking serious help

    A few years ago, I was hired at our local "Dominos Pizza" as a delivery driver. I went in my first day and filled out some paperwork. When I finished I just remember waking up staring an EMT in the face. I had a gran-mal seizure(I am epileptic). So I was transported to the hospital, did all that, and when I was released I went back to work thinking he would just give me a positiion inside the store. Unfortunately, this was NOT the case.

    When I walked in, I asked him when I could start, he said he was sorry but he had to fire me over the situation. Then proceeded to say he wouldn't give me an inside position either. My major problem with this, is that it is now 3 years later and my friends have been harrasing me to turn the manager, who is still there, in. Not really sure what to do or if I even COULD do something about it. I thought it was discrimination. Could be wrong.

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    I'm not an attorney, but some quick googling shows that you're probably past the statute of limitations for filing a civil suit for discrimination. Also, Epileptics are commonly legally prohibited from obtaining jobs that require driving or operating machinery, even if they are legally allowed to drive outside of work.
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    Probably a bit too late for that, although assuming positions were available that didn't require heavy or hazardous machinery (including driving) you should have gotten that position, especially since you were hired.

    I don't know much about legal stuff, however firing due to handicap is illegal afaik, although the argument could be said he hired you for a specific job and you were not able to fulfill it, thus he didn't need you. Though if you put your condition down on the application, he probably wouldn't have a case.
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    I wish he would have had the social skills to explain the situation to you. Really don't know what you can do, but I think it's a good thing to gain knowledge about anyhow.

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    Sounds like he did you a favor. Imagine the danger you'd be putting yourself and others in, if you were driving!
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