Rift Players please lend your supportI have a friend in Gatlinburg TN Dan Morris whos son Regen Morris is going through some extremely traumitizing events in his life right now and is fighting for his life right now.

Now we all have seen cases like this before and we all tend to sometimes forget to cherish life sometimes. But this 11 year old boy doesnt deserve this nor should he have to endure this. I could begin to tell you about the story or let you read it for youreselves.



His story is sweeping across the country from Supporters from Tim Tebow to a Kansas Volunteer fire department to right here in our hometown.

This boy needs help and several us may not be in the position to help but several of us are.

PLz if you would like to help let me know.

I know if this were our kids we would want the same.
Every little bit helps

'Shades of the Fade Is Rootin for Regen'