Hi folks.

Strange musing here, to be sure, and since it isn't directly related to Rift I've opted to put it in Off-Topic instead.

Basically, I was looking through the now-cliosed Texas Rifters Introductions thread on General Discussion, and it led me to wondering about what type of forumgoer or posters make up the Rift forum community.

On my end, I see that most of the folks here are very helpful and post discussion-stimulating entries, though I still feel an undercurrent of snark (as opposed to healthy discussion) here and there.

Comparatively speaking though, I must say that I quite enjoy the forum community here. It's more or less relaxed, and the generaly tone of discussion is usually positive, unlike some other game forums I've passed through in recent years.

That said, I just thought of something. Some months ago, when I was in the FFXIVCore forums, I wrote a rather long entry about Constructive Feedback and Diplomacy targeted towards helping people to voice out their opinions on the game in a constructive manner. If I rewrote that piece for a general MMO forum-posting audience, do you think it would be welcome here?

Anyway, thank you for reading. Cheers!

-Victor Stillwater