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Thread: Giving Away 5 Signatures

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    Default Giving Away 5 Signatures

    all gone no more left.
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    RIFT IN GAME NAME - DragonBows

    Dragon Bows name came from me along time ago about 4 years old this name and every game I play I make a Ranger called DragonBows. 1 time I was thinking about a name for a ranger and I like the jobs with Bows and I like Dragons so I put them names together and made DragonBows.

    I am Sneaky and you will not see me in the Daylight only the Night time I will be following you until I get a good Shot. you will be dead before you hear me in the wind.

    That is true I hide in Every dark Corner and never keep my eye of my Pray like a Bird.

    From DragonBows

    Looking at you

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