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Depends on your idea of catching up. If you pick 1 race of ship to fly, then buying a 2009 or 2010 character off the bazaar would be more than enough to be excellent at sub-capital ships (probably run you about $60-90 USD in PLEXes for a decent one). Once you break that 2-3 year mark (~30mil-40mil+ SP) you are either expanding to other fields or going for capital ships. Sure, a 60,000,000sp character could fly both minmatar and caldari ships, or fly both gallente combat and haulers + the mining vessels (just some examples), but whatever race they fly they will be, at best, equivalent to the 30,000,000 SP focused.
I spent around 6 month in a game, 4 of which i was in Delve Romanian Legion( may this noobs rest in peace... ) They were the true carebears of Delve. It took me 4 month of plexing with them, and i scored my self a 45Mil SP character on a market for 9 bil.
It had all T2 Guns, all T2 needed modules, and it could fly all sub capital Ships including T2(Hics, Command Ships, Heavy Assualt Ships, Logistics of Amarr, Minmatar Caldari), a Golem and T3 ( but at lvl 1-2, no maxed out here).
I perfected the Logistics and Command Ships upon reaching 50 Mil with it.
Just the character set up i wanted. The ability to fly every combat Sub-capital ship. It was fun.