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Thread: Calling out to all ex aion player (nekezan/siel/vaizel) elyos & asmo

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    Cool Calling out to all ex aion player (nekezan/siel/vaizel) elyos & asmo

    Hi all to all ex player of aion

    Notice a few familar names here already, just wondering the following thingy some of you might know me
    I play a tank called Chopyouup an asmo lvl 55

    1) Any Particular server are we going
    2) Any Race
    3) Any guild forming up

    For me i still going for mine tank class here.

    Come and post here to see how many ex aion players are here to enjoy the pvp we all love
    I cant say i pvp much due to the lag/ping which result in only 3000 pvp kill as compared to other
    But I am here for the fun I used to have playing warhammer online scenarios and warfront objective
    Remind of the love I used to have running at order player dual weapon (CHOPPER CLASS) and getting 1 shot by a Bright Wizard

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    Hi ^-^
    A few friends and I are moving over to Rift from Aion. We played Elyos on Siel (via Ariel). Still trying to get more of our friends to come with us. Still not sure which server; I want PVP others want PVE. We might just do both. No matter, I will be Defiant on a PVP server on my main.

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    I played Aion for a 1 year and 1 month (I wanted to give them a fair chance to fix things) I played on a EU server Tele I will however be playing NA servers here, for unspoken reasons
    Have you ever wanted to?

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    Played a 50 sorc and a twinked 40 sin on zikel (pre-merge).

    I miss the hell out of that game

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