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Thread: What counts as a "Hit" Post

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    Default What counts as a "Hit" Post

    How many views do you need to have a hit post?? Is 500 views a hit post? 1000? more? Whaat do you guys think?

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    I am not sure. I have one post (the one linked in my signature) that I guess could be counted as a hit since i get posts on it every day... but if you scroll through the entire thing from page one to the last page, you see that a lot of the responses there are MINE!

    Does it count if you respond to what other people say about your post?

    I guess a hit is something that either-

    A- consistently makes it back to page 1 on the forum topic list.

    B- consistently gets responses daily

    C- Has over some arbitrary amount of pages. (The No DPS threat meter, or the boobie slider threads are hits simply for being somewhat controversial. I know that the DPS thread is well over 300+ pages long now. People keep reviving it.)
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    I had a thread on the TF2 forums that got somewhere around 9,000 views.
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