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Thread: Open World PvP free-for-all

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    Default Open World PvP free-for-all

    It's a shame I have to hide this in off-topic but here's the latest beta patch notes from SWTOR on OWPvP:

    "Open World PvP

    Open World PvP on Hum has been updated and improved. Players who enter the Open World PvP zone now
    obtain a mission and rocket launcher, and must fight to control five points on the map.

    Added a new Open World Free-for-All PvP area on Tatooine where any non-group member can be attacked,
    regardless of faction.

    Why am I posting this in the Rift forums? B/c I think both items would make a nice addition to Rift pvp. It's time Rift stepped up it's game if it wants to compete for pvpers.

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    To pitty its not an announcement from trion.
    Well competition is hard with many other mmos and 2 pvp based mmos on the way. hmm....

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    It's a tradeoff. Things like that tend to be received poorly by the non-PvP crowd, so you only do them if you don't mind alienating those players.

    Trion has worked really hard to attract people who value exploration of the map as an end in and of itself, many of whom don't want to PvP. I think it would be a poor choice for them to make part of the map hostile to those players. There are other ways to offer good objectives.

    That said, I do like the notion of PvP content which isn't faction-specific, although it could take some lore bashing to make it work.
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