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Thread: favorite mmo dungeon and why

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    Default favorite mmo dungeon and why

    I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion on this.

    For me it would have to be lower guk in eq1. Huge public dungeon, very tough in its hayday and rewarding for venturing deep. It was also a bit hard to get to so it added the adventure element. The mobs got progressively harder too which I think was really cool..you needed some loot in the early part of the dungeon to go deeper

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    Just about every available dungeon in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The epic bosses, dynamic environments, and whenever the Lich King himself made an appearance my face exploded.

    Also, I forget the name, but there was one dungeon where the whole party picked different dragons and fought in the skies including against the boss. Insane.

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