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Thread: Whats your opinion of Warden Anti-Cheat scans from the MMORPG/CORPG?

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    Default Whats your opinion of Warden Anti-Cheat scans from the MMORPG/CORPG?

    I read this thread on Anti-Cheating tactics.

    what is your opinion of this. Do you support such a thing? Do you feel it could be used against you if NWO formed?

    is it really such a bad thing? Tell me something, can a hacker change the little code so that it scans everybodies computers to send the data to them? (maybe that would be kinda pointless in the first place actually)

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    My opinion is that when botters and other cheaters try to make a big deal about how horrible it is that they got caught, I mostly laugh at them.
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    Those programmes are used to poke around our computers to see what we're doing. Who checks on the programme controllers to see what they're looking at, or what information is being collected? As forcing people to use those makes it clear that players aren't trusted by the game company using it, why should the game company (and all its employees) be trusted by the players?

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