Any other WoW expats lurking on their site to follow this feature?

I'm in the "massive flop" camp. A tool for forming raid groups isn't going to make players any more inclined to cooperate. The encounters will undoubtedly have to be nerfed down to mere tank and spanks for groups to have even a chance of success. And oh, the drama. I don't expect they'll loosen their votekick rule system at all. They'll expect people to grit their teeth and carry griefers, loot ****** and underperformers, or eat a 24 hour deserter debuff.

I believe if the D team that now maintains the game had any brains, they'd have copied Rift and made solo/duo versions of their raids as a "see the content" mode. They'd have also finished path of the titans (their AA) and patched it in by now. Trion's ahead of them on several fronts now, and it makes me happy to be playing RIFT.