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Thread: PoxNora (web based free game)

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    Default PoxNora (web based free game)

    PoxNora is a web based game and it shares the features of a Collectable Card Game, Miniature Battle Game and Role Playing Games.

    Basically you get to set your "deck" which we will refer to as Battle Group. The designing of the Battle Group is like that of CCGs like Magic the Gathering (you choose the monsters, spells, enchantments..etc). The "cards" are called Runes in PoxNora and you have different kind of Runes.

    Champion Runes: (Creatures/Heroes): This is like the creatures from MTG but they are more complex and are the focus of the game. You can move them in the actual game which is when it turns into a Miniature Tactical Battle game. They have their special abilities and stats (Dmg, HP, Speed, Defense..etc).

    Spell Runes: You can use these to "personally" cast spells on your enemy's Champions (or other things in the battle field). They range from Fire Storm (dealing raw damage) to Rooting your enemy champion and preventing it from moving.

    Relic Runes: They act like Artifacts or Enchantments from MTG game. They are relics you deploy in the game which will give you specific benefits. The Nora Mine Relics generate extra nora for you (Nora is like Mana; the energy which you need to deploy runes) another example of a relic is a tower that spots invisible/stealthed enemy champions.

    Equipment Rune: They are like the "enchant creature" cards from MTG. They are runes that you can place on your champions to make them stronger. Like adding +dmg or making them immune to a specific kind of damage.

    There are 8 different factions in Pox Nora and each has its own strength and weakness:

    1. Kithor Forest: Their strength is speed and they can heal pretty well but their weakness is them being fragile and lack of big damage dealers. (Races: Elves, Garu, Faeries. Wood Animals..etc)

    Theme: Plants and Trees

    2. Frogloc Swamp: their strength is their ability to regenerate nora faster than everyone else; they are strong in water tiles (most of their champions are amphebians or sea creatures). Races: Salamandars, Frog-Humanoids, Mermaids, Sea Creatures...etc

    Theme: Water and Poison

    3. Ironfist Stronghold: Their strength is their resistance to Area of Effect spells and how they synchronize with each other. If you let an Ironfist player build up then you're going to regret it later on. They heal pretty well and can take a lot of damage before dying. Races: Dwaves, Humans, Barbarians..etc

    Theme: Rock and Faith

    4. Savage Tundra: Their strength is their high HP and the Cold theme going on. They are the masters of everything cold; usually resistance to cold attacks and have global cold attacks that lasts for turns. Races: Snow Elves (forgot their names lol) and half cat half human snow creatures, Yetis..etc)

    Theme: Ice and Wind

    5. Forsaken Wastes: Their strength is their numbers and their ability to come back again and over swarm you. Their magic is nasty and mostly harmful. Races: Undead, Zombies, Dark Humans, Vampires..etc

    Theme: Death and Disease

    6. Underdepth: Their strength is their CRAZY damage (on an average that's 50% more damage than the rest of the factions) and their offensive spells (usually fire) their only problem is lack of heals or benefitial spells. Races: Drows (dark elves), Demons, Spiders, Dark Angel Like species..etc

    Theme: Fire

    7. Sundered Lands: Their strength is DEFENSE they get the best defense of all other creatures (which means less damage taken) and they have this regeneration theme going on. So, their champions are really hard to take down. Races: Dragon kin, Lizards..etc

    Theme: Sand

    8. Shattered Peak: Extremely weak champions but there are a lot of them and god they are annoying. Races: Moga, Ogres..etc

    Theme: Earth and Lightning

    The game is fun to play; you can play solo in campaigns (for free) or in a duel against another player (for free too). However, the runes for free are extremely limited and hence hardly competitive. So, if you're one of those who cannot control themselves and a completist maybe you should stay away.

    One thing to note is that your champions can level up (it used to be more complex but now you just get 3 levels). I've stopped playing for a year or so after years of playing it once in a while. The game is really fun; it has this "build a deck and try it out" thing in it which made MTG a great game. Also, it is more tactical because you do move your champions in an isometic-tiles map. Your goal is to destroy the nemey's Avatar (or tower) which are "usually" static. There are Mana Fonts to control in the battle field which give you a boost to your mana regeneration and also used as a deployment space.

    If you are interested I can help you with some common/uncommon runes that you might want.

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    Played the game during beta. A simple, yet surprisingly entertaining game.

    Stopped playing because I had dial-up at the time, and the frequent updates took too long.

    Maybe I'll see if I can remember my old login and give the game another shot.

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