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Thread: Any Interest in Server Xfer to buy Relics?

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    Default Any Interest in Server Xfer to buy Relics?

    We might be looking to put together 15-16 player guild runs to bring in 1 rogue, mage, warrior, and cleric for the GSB/ROS relics to sell them off for 500 plat or so. Is there any interest in this? It would require players to spend at least a week on our server to make the weekly run and of course pony up the monies only when their relic drops. The raid would be limited to only you from your class purchasing the item, so no worries there.

    Our guild could use some extra plat to fund our Akylios banners now and into the future. You could benefit from getting a guaranteed drop, highest quality T3 weapons/off-hands for farmed monies, in the event you are not able to get into guilds/pugs clearing this content.

    Send me a PM if you are interested and I'll send you the details of the server and let you know if/when you should xfer to make the raid. We do not even do GSB/ROS at the moment and will only consider it if people are interested in these kind of plat runs, as we don't use the gear. The other gear in the instance would go for much cheaper prices and again be all your's for the purchasing.
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