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Thread: Game Developers Conference in Austin, TX - Anyone going?

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    Default Game Developers Conference in Austin, TX - Anyone going?

    Hey guys. As a prospecting graduate looking to break into the gaming industry, I have decided to fly down to Austin, TX for my first time attending the Game Developers Conference, and was just wondering if any of my fellow Rifters would also be going. This isn't for gamers, but rather for game developers, so I know this doesn't really apply to the majority of the community. Still, it would be pretty cool to see some of you guys there. Also, Scott Hartsman will apparently be showing himself on Wednesday to speak about Rift and journey to success, which would be pretty cool to be around for (even though I personally won't be able to attend his lecture ). Anyone plan on going?
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    I wish I was able to attend! I go to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco every year and have always wanted to attend GDC Online. Let me know how it is!
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    Anyone going?

    ...only if they have cookies.

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