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Thread: REAL LIFE ABYSSAL, worships Akylios [RECORDING]

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    Default REAL LIFE ABYSSAL, worships Akylios [RECORDING]

    Disclaimer: This is serious, fellas.

    HEAR THIS VIDEO, posted on Youtube and clearly aiming to 'subliminally program' innocent music afficionados and win them over to the Abyssal cause.

    The so-called "Le Professeur Inlassable" does not lack in cunning, recruiting crooner Jamie Woon to his cause and assaulting the senses with some sweet production and vocal samples until the 3:05 mark into the track, at which point he LAUNCHES INTO A PRAYER/INVOCATION OF AKYLIOS, or as the name that he, one of the older devotees of the cult, knows him by - Akileus.

    I am also posting an image of La Professeur, hanging out near a stream (water... further clue of his connection with the abyssals!) and looking creepy.


    The person depicted above is dangerous and should not be taken lightly. If he has come to your area, take extreme caution, wear ear-plugs and inform the community.
    If feeling daring, try to observe his habits and determine when is he most vulnerable! Possibly requires a raiding party.
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