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Thread: 9gag!

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    Default 9gag!

    Is this the real life? Nope! Chuck Testa!

    If anyone has NOT seen this site I recommend it! You should really try it

    If any fellow 9GAGers are here, I salute thee!
    Grim Yollidan the Insomniac, Blightweald EU
    WARNING! Treating my posts too seriously is not advised. Reading may cause headaches, anger, disbelief and nausea. If you find yourself in any of these conditions, please consult your psychotherapist... or your mom. Also cry a river and use a steamboat to cross it. You have been warned!

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    *waves* Been 9gagging for a while

    But I do despise the Chuck Testa meme, gosh, it's everywhere and it's not that funny xD

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