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Thread: Those Leaving Rift (6Month Sub)

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    Default Those Leaving Rift (6Month Sub)

    Just wanted to start a thread for those leaving Rift, Oct3 is just a few days away..

    I myself was a player from TearFall, a shard which sadly was turned into a Free Trial Shard.. I was forced to move my 2 lvl50's to FreeHolme shard, then off to another for last week of play..

    I would say I'll be back in a month or two to check out Rift and see the "Improvements" but sadly, in amonth or two SWTOR will be out, and being a 7 year vet of SWG, I already knew I wouldnt stay forever in RIFT..

    When I started in Beta 2, my brother played RIFT as well.. He Cancled Account 2 months ago
    He said to me, Dude, I give game 6months.. and everyones Gone.. and I said.. well, I spent the 60$ for 6months, Ill play it just cause.. Its payed for..

    And 2months later Im here postin my GoodBye's.. All'n'All I give rift a 4/10
    There End Content is ......... blah..

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    New and exciting.
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    How many of these are you going to spam in the forums today?

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    Was thinking of leaving Rift for SWTOR. The cinematics were epic. Then I saw some actual gameplay and decided to stay with Rift until GW2/B&S.
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    PS. Don't forget to sell all your stuff and send the plats to me

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    Hi everyone,

    We understand and respect that sometimes people will leave the Rift community. WhitePlague, we're closing this thread now but we wish you the very best.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!

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