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Thread: Portland, OR - Gaiscioch Flag-Football Forming For Winter 2011 - 3 Teams Avail.

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    Default Portland, OR - Gaiscioch Flag-Football Forming For Winter 2011 - 3 Teams Avail.

    Gaiscioch Flag Football
    Portland, Oregon Is Recruiting!

    The Gaiscioch (Gosh-Kia), of Faeblight Server, are an Irish themed Social Gaming & Athletics Community based out of Portland, Oregon with membership exceeding two thousand world wide. We focus on creating social communities in both digital and real world locations.

    We are about to take Portland by storm with 3 new flag football teams in the portland metro area for the winter 2011 season. If your up for some recreational fun under the sun... er... rain join us!

    3 Teams to Choose From:

    Casually Co-Ed
    Skill: None - Professional
    For Girls & Boys who want something more social than competitive.
    Focused on fun. Laid back. Got a Kilt? Bring it! Why not! All Skill Levels Welcome

    Casual Men's Recreational
    Skill: None - Professional
    Did you just hit your mid 20's and realize your love handles aren't going away?
    Join us for the most exercise you can have without all the grunting!

    Competitive Men's
    Skill: High School - Professional
    For those who just have to win, miss the contact, or aren't ready to throw in the towel.
    The Competitive men's team will travel for tournaments, practice, and recruit players who seek to play at a more competitive level.

    Learn More and Sign up At:

    21+ Only Please
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    Wish I lived near so I could play the co-ed. ;_;

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