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Thread: Looking for a 2nd mmo

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    Default Looking for a 2nd mmo

    Hello guys im looking for a second mmo to suppliment rift, i have mmo ADD and im always playing more than 1 at a time lol.

    What im looking for is a mmo thats kind of like ragnarok online but a little fresher. Ill give a few things i liked about ragnarok:

    1. I liked the flashly skills that the jobs had.

    2. Pvp was a big cluster of fun with so many skills going off no one really knew what was going on. It was very unorganized and often involved somones alt getting hurt and bringing their main and a storm of deaths insued.

    3. Lvling (atleast on the private servers) wasnt very difficult and didnt require that much effort

    4. I liked the tiered class system where you went from novice > 1st job > 2nd job and so on.

    What i didnt like about ragnarok was:

    1. The amount of time spent farming for cards

    2. how you had to use the mouse to move.

    3. the aerial view of the game

    Im hoping some thing like this exists with as few of the negatives as possible. One definate requirement is there must be a persistent world. Which rules out any invictus type games as it feels like im just sitting in town grinding dungeons over and over. Other than that id be willing to atleast check out any other game

    Dont be afraid to give suggestions im pretty open minded about mmos no matter how big or small.

    Oh and p.s. it needs to be something atleast in open beta.
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    FWIW, the other MMO I play these days is CoH, which just went F2P recently -- but really, that just means there's a permanent free trial of 1-50 with some of the advanced content cut out. It's... Not a lot like RIFT, but I like it a lot. It's a nice break from RIFT, and RIFT is a nice break from CoH.
    You can play WoW in any MMO. You don't have to play WoW in RIFT. Oh, and no, RIFT is not a WoW clone. Not having fun any more? Learn to play, noob! I don't speak for Riftui, but I moderate stuff there. Just came back? Welcome back! Here's what's changed. (Updated for 2.5!)

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