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Thread: Is this a word?

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    Default Is this a word?

    For some reason I have it in my head that the word "Coulter" or "Colter" or some variation of the spelling, pronoucned KOHL-tur.

    I know it's a word, it's something you attach to a plow. But is there any kind of word that sounds like that that means some kind of rest, or a break? Because I googled it and I couldn't find anything, but I could be spelling that wrong... Maybe I'm thinking of cloister... I dunno.

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    break, breather, breathing space, calm, calmness, cessation, coffee break, comfort, composure, cutoff, downtime, doze, dreaminess, ease, forty winks, halt, holiday, hush, idleness, interlude, intermission, interval, leisure, letup, lull, motionlessness, nap, pause, peace, quiescence, quiet, quietude, recess, recreation, refreshment, relaxation, relief, repose, respite, siesta, silence, sleep, slumber, somnolence, standstill, stay, stillness, stop, time off, tranquillity, vacation
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    Does Ann Coulter put you to sleep?
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